Simo International is a French company specialized in clearance of overstocks, unsold and end of series. We distribute these stocks through our international network. We work directly with the most famous international sportswear brands (adidas, puma, reebok, le coq sportif…).

We present to our customers diverse product type, footwear, apparels and accessories.

All categories are concerned: lifestyle, sport, outdoor, football, crossfit, rugby, boxing, swimming, casual, dance, golf, handball, indoor, running, skateboarding, snowboarding, tennis, volleyball, yoga, etc.

Simo International add value by proposing the best tailored solutions to our partners’ business requirements and by delivering excellence in all the tasks we accomplish.

Our values

Long-term Partnership Premium: with the best sports and sportswear brands (adidas, Reebok, Puma, Le Coq Sportif, Levi's) since more than 35 years.

Listening to our partners: it is an essential step in our process, it allows us to define their needs and to identify their expectations in order to answer all their questions.

Our know-how : we have been providing a tailor-made distribution for our partners for more than 35 years. Furthermore, we guarantee quick decisions and confidentiality, it will be the foundations of our future collaboration.

Network : We opened channels of distribution to new markets, without extra investment, via our international network over the past 35 years.

35 years of experience
make our reputation

The unsold goods that accumulate end up building up unprofitable stocks.
These stocks can still find a second life in new markets thanks to Simo International.
We buy and sell inventory through our well-established and controlled distribution network for many years.


All our products come directly from the brands.


Retail network
E-commerce websites.


Integration of the merchandise in our warehouses.


The satisfaction of our partners is our first priority.